Trees Alive Project

Time spent clearing invasive overgrowth from the Park - especially from the trees - led us to address the damage invasive growth was doing to the trees throughout the community of Adams Park.

Trees Alive is an educational initiative to prevent the loss of trees and the creation of dangerous trees on private property due to invasive English ivy. Trees Alive is based on the principal that sustainable behavior change is best fostered through the combined use of laws\policy and community-based social marketing strategies. In 2012 Adams Park Foundation received a grant from the Atlanta Tree Conservation Commission to create a pilot program in the Adams Park community with the goal of providing a template for other communities to be able to tailor the program to their needs and resources. Trees Alive won the Excellence in Urban Forestry Award (Outstanding Marketing Grand Award) from the Georgia Urban Forest Council in 2013.

For step by step removal of English ivy and other invasive vines on your yard's trees: